Aloha Hawaii!

Hawaii would have to be one of my favorite travel destinations. I was there back in 2007 with three of my workmates. Not having previously traveled with workmates or a group of girls, I was curious as to how it would go. It turned out to be one of my favorite trips. We had a blast.

Hawaii is such a beautiful place with amazing natural landscapes and friendly locals.  I often got greeted with a ‘cuz’. Being born and bred in Fiji, it was great to experience the island life again. It was familler.

We only traveled to Honolulu for a week or so however we got to have unforgettable experiences. We spent a lot of time at the beaches  including witnessing breathtaking sunsets. We also snorkeled at Hanauma Bay and visited the Pearl Harbor.

What was unforgettable was a night out tour with Luau (traditionally cooked food) and cultural dance performances . The food was delicious (I put on a few kilos during that holiday). It was similar to the Fijian ‘Lovo’ where the food is cooked underground. The dance performances were mesmerizing. I have a huge admiration for how fast the locals can shake their hips (hula dances). The feast and show took place near the ocean so the overall atmosphere that night was surreal.

The other personal favorite of mine was visiting the Cultural Center. Noone was interesting in checking it out except me. I decided company or no company, I’ll go on my own. I ended up having an awesome time. I would highly recommend to visiting this place. I spend the whole day there and saw the dance show (showcasing different cultural dances) at night.

During the day, you get to experience and learn about different cultures from all over Polynesia. Watching the dance performances on floating rafts from all different Pacific islands was my personal highlight.

There are loads of activities to do and things to see in Hawaii. I do regret not doing the shark dive with my mate who had an incredible experience. We also took a sunset cruise with local buffet and dance shows which was pretty cool.

All in all, Hawaii was a great place to relax as well as to have amazing adventures. There is something for everybody. If you are a nature lover like me, there is plenty to do. One of my shopaholic mates had good time shopping (grabbing good bargains). If you just want to chill, there are plenty of peaceful spots to relax.

My recommended must things to do:

  • Luau feast (with dance shows)
  • Visit to the Cultural centre
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Sunset cruise

Other suggestions (which I would do next time):

  • Visit the waterfalls
  • Rainforest hikes
  • Visit to Diamond Head Crater
  • Drive around the island

What did I learn from this trip?. I learnt that you should be open to possibilities like seeing how it goes travelling with people you never travelled before. It may not always work out (as I have learnt in the past) but that experience will also teach you lessons.

I also learnt to not rely on company of others to have desired experiences. If I had let the discomfort of being by myself that day get the better of me, I wouldn’t have experienced the highlight of the trip – Polynesian Centre. Importantly, I learnt to enjoy my own company.


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