Little Sahara in Oz

Stockton Beach, Australia.

We took a day trip to visit this gem as part of our escape-the-citylife-and-goto-nature weekend adventures.

I’ve had some incredible desert experiences like camping and camel riding in the Sahara desert. I thought I had to leave the country again to have the unique desert experiences.

To my pleasant surprise, we visited this amazing little oasis with beautiful sand dunes not too far from home. And it was peaceful and quiet. If that wasn’t enough, as a bonus it was next to the ocean!!! (my favourite place to be). We were also able to drive along it.

At times, we were the only ones there for as long as the eyes could see and we loved that (especially seeing too much of crowd and traffic in our daily lives).

Definitely going back there for sunrise and sunset and proper photography. My only complaint was not having more time to spend there.

If you visit this place, as always please take care of the environment. Make sure your 4wd is not leaking oil etc. We want to preserve the beauty and health of nature best we can.


We plan to one day explore even bigger sand dunes of Western Australia.



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