Garie Beach, NSW

We visited this beautiful beach at the Royal National Park today. The plan was to visit the Wattamolla beach however it was full so we decided to check out this beach. I am so glad we did!!.

It was still busy but not overcrowded. Unfortunately The Royal National Park over time has become too busy. Once upon a time, there were only a handful of people on the beaches.

Nevertheless, there are still quieter, more remote beaches and walks that we love experiencing when we are visiting the national park.

What I admired about this beach, which made it more unique, was the mountain sceneries surrounding the beach. There are also heaps of rocks on one side of the beach which makes for interesting landscape photography.  On the day, there was a small body of water flowing in the middle of the beach (which I thought was unique). The flowing river of water made for a good play area for little kids and big kids like me :).

I would definitely visit this beach again. I am also hope it doesn’t become overcrowded with time.




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