Valuable Time in Vanuatu.

Special Note:

This blog is dedicated to my dear friend Belinda who passed away last year. An amazing soul who was beautiful in every way. There are not many people you meet in life where you don’t have a bad word to say about them. She was one of them. She was special.

I didn’t have a chance to grieve for her fully as I was going through my own struggle at the time. This blog in a way is my farewell tribute to her. Bel, I know you are smiling down from heaven. 🙏🤗👼


Being born and bred in Fiji, going to Vanuatu wasn’t a huge deal for me. I figured it will be just like Fiji. That changed when I saw a travel documentary showing Vanuatu’s blue pools and a canoeing experience through water that was so clear, you could see through to the bottom sandy floor. It blew me away. At that time, I had never seen anything like it. I knew I had to experience it for myself.

My friend Belinda was keen to join me and before we knew it, we were off to Vanuatu. It was my first time travelling with Belinda. I couldn’t have chosen a better travel partner for the trip. I had a great time with her. She was so much fun and up for all the adventures. More of a daredevil than I was (which I realised during a fast buggy ride). 🙂

We got to have all the adventures I had planned and more. Vanuatu was beautiful. Although we didn’t have the best of the weather, we still made the most of it. This trip taught me that I can still go outdoors, have fun and enjoy myself even when the weather is crap. It also allowed me to have unforgettable experiences which I had never had before like swimming in this amazing beach with super calm waters with rain droplets falling on me. I had hardly ventured out in the rain before thanks to my mum who conditioned me to believe I will get sick from the rain. Am happy to say, today I have learnt to ‘dance in the rain’. 🙂

We swam in amazing waterfalls (my first time). We took an exhilarating buggy ride along the roads then through the jungles and along the coast with great scenery. We visited the unique and breath-taking blue pools. It was even more captivating in real life. And I got to fulfill my wish of canoeing though the beautiful, clear, glassy waters.

We also took a boat to a small island and snorkeled taking in the pretty underwater life. Even though, there was no sunshine and only dark clouds around that day, it was still nice.

One night, we unexpectedly came across a festival with foods from different islands around the Pacific. I loved it. The food was delicious.

If you are ever in Vanuatu, I would recommend:

  • Swimming under the waterfalls
  • Buggy ride adventure
  • Blue pools
  • Canoeing through the clear waters
  • Visiting villages and seeing how locals live.

Vanuatu, like Fiji was full of friendly locals with big smiles. I felt at home there. I am glad I visited that place and most importantly I am so grateful that I went with Belinda as that was my last trip with her. She is no longer around to have more adventures. My only regret is not having more adventures with her. I will always cherish that time with her in Vanuatu and the fond memories of her.

Looking back at the trip, Belinda had such a fun, easy going personality that didn’t shy away from adventures (it was the most time I spent with her and gotten to know her better). I think we can all learn from that. To let go of our fears and inhibitions and just have fun, make most of life because you just don’t know when it will all be over.

Is there anyone in your life that you have good fun with?. A joy to be around. Whom you feel free with. If so, spend as much time with them, have fun. Go on adventures together and uplift your soul. You will never regret it.





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