Barefoot in Nature (Mt Tomah, NSW)


A trip to the botanical gardens in Mt Tomah would have to be one of our favorite outings. Thankfully, it doesn’t take hours of traffic to get there as it does going to beaches etc.  It offers the peace and quiet time we crave without being too far from home.

Yesterday, being a nice and sunny day, we didn’t want to be stuck at home or in shopping centers. We weighed our options to visit more appealing places, most of which involved hours of driving in traffic. The idea to visit the gardens was our top choice with least amount of driving. It has been a while since our last visit. We also wanted to see some autumn colors which has always been lovely in that area with trees full of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds.

The drive to the gardens on Bells line road itself is interesting with hills, vineyards and very pretty scenery. There are also some gourmet food stores along the way. We always have the gourmet pies at a popular pie shop along the way.

One we got to the gardens, it was busier than usual but we didn’t mind it as the surrounding luscious gardens and beautiful nature all around instantly brought us tranquility. Our little one got to run around barefoot in grass. Not only that but roll around in the grassy hills, a rare opportunity for her. She absolutely loved the time at the gardens – exploring and playing with all sorts of nature including showering herself with dirt.

All smiles walking barefoot in grass

I myself enjoyed walking around barefoot on the soft grass. For once, doing so without getting bitten or hurting myself as I do at home. It felt great!!.

There are plenty of walks to do through the gardens with all sorts of native and non-native flowers and plants. Personally for me, it offers a good time to practice ‘mindfulness’ as I walk through the many different gardens and trees from different regions of the world. As well, I get to observe the many different species of birds.


It was so nice to just relax in nature, take in the sunshine without having to rush off     somewhere or be consumed by the everyday ‘noises’. We had coffee at the restaurant there which has brilliant views of the mountains and forests. I love sitting there and just observing the scenery. As far as the eyes can see, you only see nature. It’s one of the few lookouts where you don’t see any buildings or man made things. I appreciate that.

Father and daughter having a good hearted chat

Overall, a very relaxing and uplifting day spent as a family in nature. It’s also a valuable time for our toddler to run wild and explore her adventurous spirit which she doesn’t get to do as much being at home.

I’ve made a note to myself to visit more often. After all it invigorates the soul and puts all three of us in a better mood. In the next few weeks, I hope to catch the autumn colors in full bloom.

Playing with yellow leaves

Very grateful to have this little ‘retreat’ to escape to on weekends. What’s your special retreat where you and your little ones can be wild and free? 🙂


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  1. truly heart warming and beautiful


    1. Tish says:

      Thank you 😊🙏


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